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The PicturePlayer software contained in the PicturePlayer package has been designed to let you
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5 February 2006

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Create powerful presentations and slideshows of your digital images with PicturePlayer.
Now with the capabilities of this tool you can create presentations and slideshows supported with sound too. With the easy interface of the tool you need just a few clicks of your mouse to create photo slideshows, picture presentations, catalogues, Product presentations, ezines, electronic picture books, eBooks, web slide shows in html and CD slide shows. This tool supports all graphic formats, it provides the option to link all images to sound and text files, images can be edited either manually or automatically. The tool supports CDs and DVDs, in-built are 8 player designs that come in 3 different layouts and one can even create and use self player design. This compatible tool with simple interface can run on all Windows operating systems.
With this tool one gets the digital picture viewer, picture browser, digital picture manager and slide show creator .

Publisher's description

The software contained in the PicturePlayer package has been designed to let you manage your digital pictures and create sound-supported slide shows and picture presentations quickly with only a few clicks of your mouse.
You can use PicturePlayer to create:
- Picture presentations
- Slide shows
- Catalogs
- Product presentations
- Ezines
- Electronic picture books
- Ebooks
- Web slide shows in html

PictuePlayer features
- It supports all common graphic formats (s. Features)
- Each image can be linked to a sound file as an option
- Each image can be linked to a text passage as an option
- Images can be advanced automatically or manually
- Selection of fade-in effects
- Optimized for use on CD / DVDs
- The Player can be used royalty-free on CD / DVDs
- Supports the printing of individual pictures or entire presentations.
- 8 Player designs for you to choose from; each design comes with 3 different layouts.
- Corporate identity: You can create and use your own Player design
- Runs on all Windows operating systems
Managing digital pictures with the ShowCreator program
The ShowCreator included in the software package is not just for creating and configuring picture presentations. Indeed, its integrated image browser and "light-box function" have been specially designed for managing images.
PicturePlayer is an excellent choice when:
- You want to create a picture presentation on CD / DVD
- You want to set your image to music
- You want to allocate a sound file to every image
- You want to allocate a text passage to every image
- You want to protect your images with scrambling technology
- You want to print out individual images or the entire show
- You need your own Player design with corporate identity
- You want to create a Web Show in html from your presentation
- You're looking for a program that's easy to use
Version 3.0
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